Monday, August 14, 2017

A Little Reality, But Mostly Yarn

I don't think I can bear to go into The Whole Thing With the Nazis right now (Nazis, marching in American streets, I just can't even); my brain is still struggling to process it. In the shower this morning, I realized I was humming People Are People, the lyrics to which did not seem quite so loaded when I first heard it in 1985.

However, before I get to the fluffy topic of the day (fiber! and knitting!), I will share this image here, as I did when I saw it on Facebook. You've heard the expression, "Be the change you want to see in the world"? Well then.
(It turns out the photo was taken in 1985, in Sweden.)

Now, back to Saturday, and the Fiber Revival! Since Mary Ellen and I have gone for a few years now, I finally made a Fiber Revival tag here, so if you click on that label at the bottom, you should be taken to all the posts about it, if you want to revisit past years.

This year, I was afraid that my post would have to start with my disappointment about the weather, since earlier in the week some rain was forecast (in the afternoon! no, in the morning!), but in fact it was dry, and although mostly cloudy, was still so much better than I was expecting that I was quite pleased. I mean, look at it.
Gorgeous weather, no, but surprisingly decent. As always, the key to happiness is low expectations.

As to the near view, well. I mean, really.
It wasn't what I was expecting to get, but it was definitely a can't-put-it-down purchase. And yeah, I know. Blue. You've heard it all from me before. I do buy other colors ... but not as much as blue.

When we arrived, we put our chairs down under a tree and walked along the booths, seeing everything there was, and then each making that one key purchase. Got lunch, and sat down to eat, knit, commune with nature surrounded by knitters and fiber folk, all that good stuff. (You may think you don't see a lot of people knitting in public, but I guarantee you, you see more of them than you do spinners. Lots of people at their spinning wheels is not something I'm used to, either, but I like it.)

At one point, I looked up to see a line at the beer truck; apparently, one of the baseball teams all chose to spend their break the same way.
There weren't any alpacas there this year, sadly, but we did wander along saying hi to the horse, donkey, and other animals near and far.

And a tree that was rather dramatic about a lost limb.
And, that's it for Saturday!

I got a lot of knitting done last week; it helped that I spent the majority of the work week on a task that mostly involved looking at a document, reading through it and not having to do a lot of typing, which goes very well with simple knitting.

For a friend who has a friend having a baby*, I made some hats.
*The list of people for whom I will do this is very limited ... but she's on it!

One like this:
And two like this: they look very similar, but one is slightly larger, and so stretches out more.
And I started a blanket, with yarn I picked up on super-sale some years ago. Stashing for the win!
Details about these will have to wait; I'm out of time!



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