Friday, August 25, 2017

Not Just Any Water Bottle

On Sunday, when I was out with my friends, one of them bought a special water bottle, an enormous one, for her sister, who is pregnant and supposed to be extra-careful about staying hydrated. She was pleased to have found it, as it's the same brand of bottle she has herself, one I had never heard of*, called Corkcicle, and the idea is that a cold drink really stays cold in it--as in, ice won't melt in a hot car all day long, etc. Supposedly, the effects last for 25 hours. And truly leak-proof, and no condensation on the outside, also supposedly.
*Not that that means anything; but I do appreciate a recommendation from someone I trust.

At the time she bought the bottle for her sister, I was drinking something I had just bought because, though I still had water with me, I needed something cold. And later, when she showed us her own bottle, I was drinking my own, now-warm water*. Unsurprisingly, therefore, I was interested enough to order a Corkcicle bottle to try for myself.
*I still do like my Tervis water bottle, it's cute and it doesn't do a bad job. But the ice melts well before the end of the day, that's for certain.

I went through Amazon, since it was cheaper for me (and faster) with Prime than through the company's website*, and it arrived on Wednesday. (I got the blue one, of course.) I really like that, instead of being perfectly round, it is flat on two sides, which makes it easier to hold. It's a large bottle, and if round would be a challenge to pick up easily (at least with my hands), but the flat sides help.
*Even with the 20% intro coupon they offer; if you don't have Prime, YMMV.
At that point, I was ready to have some nerdy fun with it!

Test One: I filled it with ice and cold water Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday morning, there was still ice in the bottle, and the water was (duh) still very cold.

Test Two: I put in a bit more ice, to make up for the water I had drunk in my first testing, and at 9 Thursday morning, put the bottle in the car for the day. At 9 Thursday night, so that's after 12 hours in the car on a hot day, there was still ice clinking. Friday morning, I poured out the contents into a glass, and there was still ice; not a ton, but still. Ice, 23 hours later. Color me impressed.

One thing to note is that the opening of this size bottle, the 25 oz. (and also, I believe, the smaller ones), does not fit regular-size ice cubes (though my friend mentioned that the enormous bottle she got for her sister does). I found that by filling the ice tray about halfway, I got smaller cubes that did fit. If you have an ice-maker in your fridge that will crush ice, I imagine that would work, along with some kind of funnel. If I decide I like the bottle, and will be using it a lot, I can also get the kind of ice-cube trays that make ice better shaped for water bottles (like this one [there are many different kinds and brands, but I'm guessing that Oxo's would be well made, which isn't always the case with others]).

For that matter, if I really like the bottle, they make a 9-ounce and a 16-ounce size, which I may decide I want (one or both) for more everyday-but-not-all-day hydration. The one I got is large, and when full is somewhat heavy. This is not a surprise, but still a factor to consider.

Do I need other sizes? No, but sometimes a little fun money is well spent.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I'm going to have to get me one of those! I prefer my water to be as cold as possible!

4:55 PM, August 25, 2017  

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