Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Lapful of Kitten Helps the....something something something

Yeah, it's New Year's Eve; yeah, I haven't even shared all my Florida photos yet; yeah, yeah. I spent the afternoon with a kitten. Must show the kitten!

My friend and her husband (the ones who had the twins, if you're a long-time reader here)(oh my word, they're nine already?!) got the kids the kitten for Christmas, or rather, Santa brought her; she's a Siberian, which as a breed is hypoallergenic (her husband's allergic to cats, but is having no problem with Merry).

I took a lot of pictures, and many of them did not come out well, due to low light or kitty in motion. Here is a rare shot of her both awake and in focus.
Here with the flash, so you can see the colors in her fur.
And here, no flash, and looking almost black-and-white in comparison.
We played for a bit, she wandered around, and then she came and settled on my lap to bathe.
Bath done, the lights started to go out.
That's not just floof in her ears: those are ear-lashes, really. She could pick up ham radio with that.
Pretty soon, she was fast asleep.
This was my view for a while; I started to get leg cramps, so I tried picking her up to hold her instead.
She didn't mind.
Sleeping kitten in arms, watching the Bruins game? Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
Peep of nose!
That face! And all the floof.
Her front paws are dark, but the back paws are light. The tops:
And bottoms of paws!

But still sleeps.
Finally, I had to put her down to go to the bathroom.
And that's it for the photos, as the light dwindled. Such a good cuddle-cat. The Bruins even won! She must be good luck.

Bergeron had a good game, and on the post-game show, when one of the commentators mentioned that Bergeron was looking more like his old self than he has recently, the other guy said with great enthusiasm, "Happy new year!"


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I really need to cuddle that kitten.

10:15 PM, December 31, 2016  
Blogger goosefairy said...

Thank you, I needed that.

1:44 PM, January 04, 2017  

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