Saturday, December 17, 2016

Packing, For a Jet Plane

Thanks for the travel well-wishes; it's snowing today, and I was just out digging my car out of it, which is depressing to look at, but I keep thinking of where I'm going, and that the odds are good I'll make it mostly on time, knock wood.

Speaking of such superstitions, I made a mistake recently, if you can call "letting a thought cross my mind" a mistake (I mean, how do you stop it?): I thought, "It's been quite a while since I had any spam comments on my blog." I wasn't even overly excited by the thought, just mildly pleased, but now I've had three of them on my recent post about blocking the lace shawl, and doesn't that timing seem odd? Three, from Tuesday night to Saturday? Just a coincidence, I'm sure, but still. What is it about that post that's attracting them, I wonder?

Anyway...I decided to take my computer with me, to make it easier to catch up on things like cleaning out my woeful inbox, and having it ups the possibility of my blogging before I get back (no promises, though). Happy holidays, y'all!


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