Monday, December 12, 2016

Oh, Those Bruins

The Bruins play in Montreal tonight, which is about the last place they want to take a three-game losing streak*. Sigh. Perhaps they will surprise me (in a good way, I mean). It's not completely impossible, just very, very improbable.
*It has been painful to see headlines about Philly's win streak, now up to nine games...

The one truly, consistently bright spot this season has been the play of David Pastrnak, who by the way is 20 years old; I first mentioned him here on the blog in 2014, at development camp, when I said that "consensus is that he's a long shot to make the team this year, but not impossible"; he spent some that last season with the big club, as the youngest player in the NHL, and more last season, and now here he is. In January 2015, I said of him, "I like watching him. Although they're very different players, it reminds me of watching Bergeron in his first season; he, too, was 18, very young to make it in the NHL, but he was just so good."--and no higher praise can I give.

And his success is not just relative to last year.
Now, in addition to pointing out Pasta's achievement, that also says a lot of bad things about the rest of the team, but still, whoa. He has at times been at the top of league scoring. Again, 20 years old.

To quote Stanley Cup of Chowder:
95% of the Boston Bruins have been struggling to score - just another way to put the fact that relying on David Pastrnak to score all our goals is not a solid game plan.
I mean, keep it up, Pasta, but if the rest of you could step up a little, too, that would be great.


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