Friday, December 09, 2016

Brief Whine, Then Music

It turns out that I'm not quite done talking about being sick--I know, it surprises me, too, over five weeks later. I'm glad to be so much better, to have moved, on tasks like laundry or exercise, from "there's no possible way" to "I don't wanna," and then do them anyway, but there's no doubt I'm not back to normal. Doing some laundry today, I noticed that not only was I way more tired than usual after the stairs, but that my breathing had a slight, intermittent wheeze to it; lovely. Also, still quite tired. (I stopped after two loads, not the planned three.)

Ten days until vacation, ten days, ten days...

Today's Christmas music selection is the charming Bruce Springsteen performing Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town. There's a nice live version from 2007, but my favorite is always the audio version from 1975.

Clarence's deep ho-ho-hos, and Bruce cracking up at them ... I just love it.


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