Thursday, December 08, 2016

Could It Be ... Spam?

Much as it amuses me to get an email addressed to Dear Webmaster, when the message tells me that they discovered my blog's "valuable furniture-related resources" I am a little ... what's the word? ... skeptical.

Particularly when the "here" where they say they found this blog is given as, without my blog's details. I wonder if it was actually sent to every Blogger blog?

Anyway, for some reason, the recent spam I've been getting on my regular email address is all in Spanish, so at least this makes a change.

And speaking of a change, I love the Muppets version of 12 Days of Christmas, but I haven't seen this "live" version in many years, and though I missed Beaker's meeps, having Animal do 12 drummers drumming is pretty awesome!

If you want a really different version, don't forget about Straight No Chaser.

Or go for a classic version, if you prefer. I won't judge. I like those, too


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