Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Look at the Funny Goat

Oh, kids. I was thinking today that if I spend the next month working this hard to get/keep my shit together, and then the election comes and is quickly followed by anarchy and the use of nuclear weapons, I'm going to be pissed.

In other words, I'm tired. This weekend was less stress than the previous one, but it's still a lot of driving and all, and the car excitement on Friday was stressful if ultimately non-catastrophic, and making myself work today wasn't easy. By two I was ready to stop, and by four I needed a nap badly, and this is me when I was in bed before 9 last night. Instead, I finished the work day, then went to the chiropractor, library, gym, and grocery store (with ATM).

I'm not even that much more tired than I was at 4. More sore, though.

Anyway! Let's look at the goat eating part of its cage decoration and smile.
He was having a grand old time!


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