Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Apple Festival Weekend Yarn Haul

Today's weather was unseasonably warm, which is not something I complain about, but I did say wistfully on Facebook, "I just want ONE good, hard freeze to kill off whatever allergen has been tormenting me since August. Die, whatever you are!" The sinus pressure, the little nagging throat-clearing thing, the sudden catastrophic sneezes ... enough already. Still, it's awfully nice to have the windows open and smell the wonderful fall air, and not freeze from it.

(And, yeah, if I never opened the windows and let the allergens in, I might not suffer so much. Never going to happen, though; I love fresh air.)

Moving on! As I mentioned in passing during the Rhinebeck report, I didn't forget that I haven't blogged my yarn from Apple Festival yet. Have I mentioned that it's been a crazy few weeks? I can't tell you how pleased I am at the prospect of not being in the car longer than an hour or so again until, oh, April.

So here is the yarn from the weekend (not all from Apple Festival, technically.)
 This is the yarn I bought on the way up, at the yarn store I spied on my way past in September.
When I was showing it to my friends at stitch and bitch, one of them noted that "Hand wash. Do not agitate" would look great on a t-shirt, and I love the idea.
This one is from a vendor I often buy from at Apple Festival, Scandinavian Weave and Knits. They're at Rhinebeck, too.
 Surprise, it has a little cashmere in there. Soft and squishy in the best way.
As is this, more alpaca from the makers of the yarn I am currently working with.
This colorway was a one-off, so I'll have to come up with something smaller for the amount. Cowl, maybe?
 Mmm, alpaca.
I did buy a few non-yarn things, but I haven't taken good photos of those. I'll add it to the list. One of these days. I'm trying to manage my expectations about this weekend: just because it's the first one I've been home for in a month does not mean that I will accomplish All The Things. But some of them, yes, I should be able to do that.

Knock wood.


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