Thursday, October 13, 2016

Almost Friday, Almost

Today I finally finished-and-returned the not terribly good report I've been working on for almost a month (helpful hint: if you are a careless typist, and you use the "hide spelling errors in this document" feature in Word, you really, really should run spell-check before you send your report for editing; I know it's my job to catch mistakes, but it's your job not to make so damned many of them)...can you tell it's a relief? I'm about due for a really well-written one, I hope I hope.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking happy-Saturday-Rhinebeck thoughts, as my friend and I make our plans for the day trip. I have a list of vendors I don't want to miss, the weather looks good, the foliage should be nice, and it's basically my last trip until Christmas, which is a good thing. Ahh.

But before that, it's swimming tonight and then the first Bruins game of the season, yay! They will sadly be without Bergeron, but hopefully he will be back soon, and meanwhile I am excited for hockey again. It helps make up for the chill-and-dark season.

Finally, if yesterday's purring kittens weren't enough for you, here are photos of sleeping cats. I know not everyone is a cat person the way I am, but I think a lot of people might find this a peaceful thing to look at. And who doesn't need that, these days?


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