Friday, October 14, 2016

Hockey and Cat Cartoons (Go Together Like a ...)

Well, now that was a hockey game last night!

It wasn't perfect by any means; they didn't start well, and they were down by two goals after both the first and second periods. But then you look at this:
goals assists
Marchand 2 3
Backes 2 1
Pastrnak 2 2
And they won 6-3, so I ain't complaining.

Not that it's great to get ALL your scoring from one line (Brandon Carlo got an assist, but otherwise it was these three, put together with Bergeron out), but if they're hot...and they were!

Also in hockey, you may not be interested in reading this entire piece about why older "role" players are getting cut out of the NHL picture, but if you know about Jaromir Jagr, who plays ridiculously well for his advanced-in-NHL-terms age, you have to laugh at this:
Sure, there are outliers like Jaromir Jagr, but this will all be explained one day when a brave soul yanks on his mullet, opens his skull plating and we gawk at all the robot parts of this obvious android.
Unrelatedly, I'm a fan of the online comic Breaking Cat News, in which the cats of the household have their own news network; I especially love when they try to interview their people, who they refer to as The Woman and The Man ("CN Cat News, Ma'am...Ma'am...Ma'am"). They're on hiatus right now, but I loved this rerun of an old one about thunderstorms. Particularly this panel:
Because when I was a kid, I was frightened of thunder and lightning (not that I love it now), and there was a time when my brother found me and my mother in the linen closet during a storm, reading...


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