Saturday, October 29, 2016

Check, check, check

It's been a pretty good day, in terms of accomplishing things, though certainly the weather did not celebrate my achievements, as it was grey and drizzled and was in the 50s. But no matter:

  • I got the car inspected, just before the end of the month. And it passed, obviously, which there's no reason it shouldn't, but is always a bit of a relief anyway.
  • I voted early, the first time Mass has offered that--it started this week, and according to the community Facebook page, about 10% of the city's registered voters have used it already! I think it's great that they're offering it, and would want to use it for that reason alone, but also because I don't want to worry on election day that the line will be so long that I'll miss my swim class. Now it's done and I don't have to think about it. Plus there's the added excuse to avoid the election coverage; in addition to the national nonsense, Mass has four ballot questions for which each side has been strident! strident, I say! in terms of how opposing their side will lead to chaos and anarchy, and boy, am I ready for all this shit to be done. This year, man. Go away, 2016, you're drunk.
  • I did a few other errands, too, including surviving the madhouse of Costco on a Saturday midday, ugh. The guy in line in front of me did a double-take when he saw me knitting, but it's the only thing that keeps me from grinding my teeth in that situation, the crowds and the pushing and shoving and all.
  • That sock, by the way, is about ready to start the toe; I'll check it tonight to make sure, but it's close. Yay.
  • I also finished knitting the alpaca shawl! I actually bound it off Wednesday, and washed it today so I could lay it out. Here it is before:

A little ruffly, eh? After its soak, I laid it out, and first, I had it a different way.
Which, to be honest, kind of messed with me, in terms of seeing how it changed. So I laid it out again the first way.
That's better! And it did in fact grow. Now I have to wait for it to dry before I can play with how to wear it. It felt so soft and cushy before the wash, and while that shouldn't change, I look forward to seeing it happen, so to speak.

Now, the Bruins play tonight. I would not say my hopes are high, but I never quite stop believing that this could be the game where they turn it around. And I'll be on the couch, knitting and hoping.

That knitting, by the way? The yellow shawl, remember that? Puncia? Yes, I'm still working on it! I have 36 grams of yarn left, and since I started with 221, we'll say I'm about 80% done, though the hard stuff is all past, so I just need to keep going...


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