Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Hanging In There

Yesterday was not a good a day, and I was in bed around 8 or 8:30. I had intended to listen to the first period of the Bruins game first, which wasn't televised since that's spotty in the preseason, but I could listen to the radio, right? No; I turned it on, and they were playing the Celtics game (that's basketball), and they're in the preseason too, so I don't know why they won the coin toss but it pissed me off. Especially since, as it turns out, the Bruins "won" the first period but lost the game, so the first period would have been the perfect thing to listen to. Oh well. The sleep was much-needed and felt good; why, it was after lunch before I said, "I'm so tired," today! Quite late, really.

Today wasn't as bad as yesterday, anyway, though not good; on top of everything else, I picked up a bug or ate something that disagreed with me, and have had "an upset stomach"* for two days now. I had to run out after work for a few errands, so I picked something up to help with that**. Day after tomorrow I have a long drive, and the next day is the festival, so I really need to be able to step away from the bathroom.
*Diarrhea. Sorry for the TMI.
**And it could kick in Any Time Now, thanks.

This was never going to be an easy time, with my uncle dying and all the feelings that has stirred up, on top of the weather getting colder and darker, and at the same time as the other trips already planned. At least Apple Festival and my birthday and Rhinebeck are happy things, so all I have to manage is the logistics, and my own expectations, not the I-don't-wannas.

Still, I wish I could be less tired. If ten hours solid hours isn't enough to let me cruise through the next day, nothing is. Which is unfortunate. But in the immortal words of Sandra Boynton:
It doesn't really follow what I was saying, but hey, it makes me smile.


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