Sunday, April 03, 2016

Wait, Where Did the Weekend Go?

Yeah, so it's Sunday night and almost time to get ready for bed, leaving me not enough time here for the amount I wanted to cover. Humph. Well, at least I finally got the dishes done. Woo. How satisfying.

Mind you, if I hadn't watched the Bruins game this afternoon, I would have a few hours back, and given how it went, that would have been preferable. Honestly, they went into Friday's game with no chance, and beat St Louis--a team that had allowed one goal in their previous five games combined--by 6-5! And then today they let Chicago get the first six goals? Getting the next four makes it less of a humiliation, but you don't get points for that, and it doesn't change the bottom line, which is that the playoffs look less and less likely, or desirable for that matter, given how they're playing. I simply don't understand this level of inconsistency.

Sigh. Anyway. Some pictures.

This was Carlos when the game started. A good example of not letting it get to me.
Although I'm sorry that I've messed up something on this shawl, and am working backward to try to find where I went wrong, it's pretty, isn't it?
I'm making progress on the latest sock.
And I also knit a little something for Grandma.
Cute little bird, right? It's a clever pattern; Mary Ellen found it, and I copied her.

All right. Off I go. Diving into another week.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Your little bird turned out better than mine!

9:39 PM, April 03, 2016  

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