Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm Back, Kind Of

I have a bit of a headache tonight; I'm hoping that having gone to the chiropractor to ameliorate the effects of the weekend's driving, and a good night's sleep, will help with that, but for now I'm a bit foggy. Reentry to the real world is always hard after being away, isn't it?

So here are a couple of images from said weekend. For instance, I was smitten with the key to the front door at my aunt's house. Isn't it cool?
And with the flowers that she picked from the yard.
I was amused by this sign, in a store window.
And I was amazed that this restaurant, where we had a wonderful meal on Sunday, could stay open when we were almost the only people there.
Spread the word, if you go to Syracuse, or know anyone who does, The Inn of the Seasons is great!

I may not make it here tomorrow night, as tomorrow is a busy day, but sometime...

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