Monday, April 04, 2016

Oh, Snow

Did I mention that in addition to the dusting we got overnight Saturday, it was going to snow again today? Yeah...


I recently made my resume viewable on Monster, as part of my "plan" to Be Ready for the Unexpected; I have no reason to think I'm going to be laid off, but I didn't the last two times, either, so readiness seems like a good idea. And I must say, I am not impressed by all the people who have contacted me. I mean, don't send me an email with the subject line "we have reviewed your resume" when you obviously haven't, or you would know that I am neither interested in nor qualified for a position as a financial adviser. I am also not interested in life insurance or sales.

At least the ones who are talking about medical writer positions are closer. Still wrong, but closer.


And now I have to go clear the white stuff off my car. In April. Oh joy.


Blogger Alice said...

the unrelated job offers / suggestions drive me BATTY. I had a recruiting firm contact me the other day asking if i knew anyone in my exact industry with my exact background who i could refer to a position. I was like, "uh, yes, me. here is my resume." and since then they have been sending me lists of jobs like "hotel manager" and "kid's club supervisor at 24 hour fitness."


1:14 PM, April 20, 2016  

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