Friday, April 08, 2016

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Last night, I was watching the Bruins game, enjoying how they came out flying (for once, good lord), and they were up 3-0 in the second period when I thought, "I should blog tonight, but I can't say anything about the game, it could jinx them," and just at that moment the Red Wings got a crazy-stupid deflected goal and it was 3-1, and I was all:
Because these are desperate times, the playoffs are in jeopardy, and I ain't jinxing them. I am only moderately superstitious, but that really did seem like a sign. No blogging for me last night. And they did not implode, they held on to win 5-2 and overall played one of their most solid games of the year, and now here I am again. Hi!

Just to finish the hockey theme, they play their last game of the regular season tomorrow afternoon, and IF they win, and IF certain other teams don't (in a variety of possibilities that I have not even attempted to memorize*), they will make the playoffs. And if not, not, which will be about what they deserve, but then the coach would probably be fired and I don't want that to happen, this all certainly isn't HIS fault.
*It's true that I am the biggest Bruins fan a lot of people know, but I am really not The Biggest Fan out there. Believe me, there are people who have this all down, and are debating it in a bar or on a message board somewhere tonight.

So the Bruins will play, and if they lose, they're out. If they win, it depends: other teams play later Saturday, and there's a game on Sunday that may factor in, and then, finally, we will know. Ugh.

Enough hockey. Happily, I have dinner-and-movies plans tomorrow night, to keep my mind off it. And I do mean movies, plural, as my friends are going to see Eye in the Sky, which even watching the trailer for stressed me out, so I'll be seeing April and the Extraordinary World, instead (it's good to have friends who don't mind when you pull this kind of thing on them).

[I was looking at the theater's website (for a plebeian parking question), and found this in their FAQ: "Why are there so many films with subtitles?" And while I sympathize, if you're asking that question, you are at the wrong theater.]


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