Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Feeling Blearghy

The weather lately has really been getting me down, and trust me, even I think that's ridiculous, given how much less terrible this winter was than last winter. But this spring, such as it is, has been only briefly lovely between long bouts of yuck, and that stupid snow earlier this month killed off some of the beautiful tree blossoms, and today it was maaaayyyyybe 40 (at one point I looked at it and it said it was 38 but felt like 30, which, I just don't know), and much of the day it was raining--or, for those not that far north of here, snowing (at least I am spared that, at the damned end of April). I feel snappish and stretched thin a lot of the time, and I think the weather is a major factor.

For instance, I was so happy last Friday, when it was in the 70s, and I had multiple windows open and rejoiced in the lovely air coming in*; but we've had much more 40s and 50s than 60s and 70s lately, and more grey and gloomy than bright and sunny, and it's getting me down. I am at the stage where I am sick of layering up, sick of every long-sleeved item of clothing I own, and so, so ready for it to be nicer, really nicer. The highest temp in the 10-day forecast is 62, and that's ten days out, and will come with rain.
*While trying really hard not to be preemptively sad that it wouldn't last.

Sigh. And it's in the 80s in Florida. And in North Carolina, not that I'm sorry I moved back here, spring started in February.

Now, the trees are slowly greening here, and on Saturday I saw tulips blooming for the first time around here (after all the daffs started, I appreciated them, too, but I like tulips better), and that made me so happy. But it's so slow! I was thinking of going to the sheepshearing festival at Gore Place this weekend, but I'm really not interested in paying $20 to freeze my ass off, even for sheep and yarn.

I watched some hockey on Sunday, since there were games on all afternoon, and it's really restful to watch and not be worried about who wins. Do I have some mild preferences? Sure, in some of the match-ups, but nothing very strong. I will admit to being pleased that Chicago was bounced out last night, after what they've done to my Bruins in recent years, but I wouldn't have been upset if they had moved on. I'm sorry that Jagr is out, but hopeful that some team will bring him back next year for another try. I'm pleased for former Bruin Johnny Boychuk to be moving on. (I still think the Bruins' troubles of the last two seasons started when they traded Boychuk, but don't get me started on that.)

As for the Bruins, they didn't fire Claude Julien, which I think is the right choice, but they haven't done anything else yet, either, so I am reserving judgement on them for now. I hope they can right the ship this summer; I don't know what they need to do to achieve that, but worryingly, I don't think they do, either. Hoping it straightens itself out doesn't seem to be working for them, but I don't want to be prematurely pessimistic.

Speaking of optimism, I loved this on a Bruins blog recently:
The NHL draft lottery will be held Saturday night, and WEEI.com is preparing you for the one percent chance that the Bruins will win the first overall pick.
(Seriously. We have nothing better to do.)


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