Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Little More Kitten, and Knitting Woes Dealt With

I was debating another blitz of kitten pictures, since an hour with her yesterday gave me another three dozen photos, but there's something else to focus on, so I will just do this quick pair to show her growth.

And April:
That's the best shot I got of her this week with the koala for perspective. Unless you count this action shot:
All right, I'll stop. I want to talk knitting, anyway.

I've been working away on the Annis shawl, after having tinked back enough to find where I went wrong (as I mentioned recently), and as I got close to the end, I started to eye the remaining yarn with a little uncertainty. And sure, enough, I had this much left before starting to bind off:
Which ran out with thirty stitches left. Argh!

I had a passing thought that someone on Ravelry might have a wee bit left in their stash from a project, but it turns out that I am the one and only person on Ravelry who has this yarn (Abstract Fiber Mighty Sock) in this colorway. Gracious! That's the peril of trying something new/small, I guess. I'm certainly not interested in buying an entire skein when I need such a small amount, even if I could find one, so I went to my own leftovers to see what I might make do.

The shawl is like this:
So you might wonder at me when I pulled this ball of Regia out.
But when I unrolled past the green and before the blue, I have this.
Which is actually quite a decent color match.
For the small amount I need, the fact that it doesn't have the same sheen as the original won't be too obvious. I mean, I'll always know it's there (sigh), but it shouldn't stand out at a glance.

Hopefully, We'll see.


Mary Ellen said...

That should work perfectly! I don't think it'll be visible at all in the bind-off.

Also, I really need to hug that kitty.

Leslie said...

Good save!