Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Exhaustion Chronicles

I can remember looking at the calendar earlier this fall and thinking that yikes, there were only three weeks between Thanksgiving and when I would be leaving for Christmas, that's going to be tight to get things done.

And now I've been sick for two of those three weeks.

At this point the congestion, the last real symptom, isn't that annoying. I could do without it, sure, but it doesn't drive me to tears. This incredible exhaustion, though, is driving me crazy, or would be if I had the energy to get all the way to crazy. It's actually more like weepy despair. I'm doing virtually nothing, and yet I am so, so, so tired. How do I deal with that?

Basically, by doing one thing, and then another, and another, and stopping to rest a lot. A lot. I have done a little knitting, and more reading, since these are things I can do on the couch, without too much exertion (if properly chosen). I went to a holiday party tonight and only stayed an hour, as I could feel myself fading. Even though my big exertion of the day was going to the library.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel better... I keep saying that, but one of these days it has to happen.

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