Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Little Hockey Talk

I got home last night, after swim class and dinner with a friend, and turned on the Bruins game to find that it was 3-2 Bruins, late in the second period. I watched the rest of the game--Bruins score! Ottawa scores! Bruins score! Bruins score! Bruins score!--with much entertainment. The Bruins stopped their little losing streak, got four power-play goals, and Boston local Jimmy Hayes had a hat trick.

There was also a major fight near the end of the game, the kind I grew up watching but that aren't common these days, every player on the ice except the goalies involved. This morning's Globe had a particularly ... vivid ... photo of one of the exchanges.
Eww. I'm more or less okay with fighting in hockey, being at neither one extreme (fighting shouldn't be allowed at all) nor the other (it puts passion in the game and promotes team spirit), but that is pretty gross.

I like this photo better.
The Senators player has just dumped the flailing Bruin ass over teakettle into the bench, where his teammates are looking down at him with almost bored faces of unconcern. Like, "Oh. Hi."

I looked at the game summary on the Bruins website, and also liked this photo of McQuaid jumping to avoid a shot. Boing!
Next stop is the Winter Classic, the game that they are playing outside Friday afternoon, at Gillette Stadium, where the Patriots play (that's football [well, American football]). When the game was announced, I admit I groaned: It had to be against Montreal? I know, great historic rivalry and all, but let's be honest, the Bruins haven't generally come out on the right side of that rivalry. And then Montreal started the season very strongly, and the Bruins very not so. Recently, however, things have reversed for both teams, and while I am by no means complacent, I at least feel the Bruins have a fighting chance.

No pun intended.


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