Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Functioning, but Still Cruddy

So, I know you're wondering, when did I get in bed last night? And the answer is, 6:30--yeah, I really did feel that bad. And I'm sure I was asleep by 7, which means that getting up at 6 gave me 11 hours of sleep (minus bathroom breaks, but I fell right back asleep each time). I sure did need sleep after Sunday night, even more than usual. And I didn't even wake up feeling great, which is a little frustrating, but also makes me think about how I'd have done with less sleep (not good, I imagine).

This morning, although I wasn't feeling great (throat slightly better, but frequent cough), I had delusions I could go to the swim class tonight. This afternoon I faced up to the fact that if I barely had the energy to work (every hour or two, I'd go lie down for a few minutes*), there was no way I could exercise for an hour. I really want to make the swim class a habit, but not tonight, I'm afraid. Bummer.
*Another benefit to working from home; if I didn't, I doubt I would have gone in today, what with being possibly contagious and definitely not quiet, ahem-ahem-coughcoughcough.

One of my friends offered to drop off supplies today, if I needed anything, and really I'm fine, but the mentality of "I'm sick, I should have whatever I want" has me thinking of ice cream, pudding, eggnog, all the delicious and not at all non-caloric things that slide right down a sore throat and don't tend to trigger coughs. But I have some yogurt, and soup, and really I'm fine. I even have chocolate, which mostly doesn't make me cough, and is worth it even when it does.

And I'm certainly going to bed early again. We'll see just how early.


Blogger Suburban Correspondent said...

Yup, we've had this same thing this month. There was a lot of lying on the couch between bouts of activity. The cough lasted forever, but the sore throat didn't, thankfully.

10:25 PM, December 01, 2015  

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