Sunday, December 13, 2015

One Thing

Seeing as I was still super-tired today, I have spent the day looking only at the next thing to do; otherwise, all I want and need to do would overwhelm me and my limited energy. All day, with frequent breaks, I have asked myself what the next thing I would do should be.

All right, sort out the week's vitamins; that's one thing. Cut my nails, that's one thing. Photograph some knitting: that's one thing.

Pay the bills, clean the kitchen, whatever: one thing at a time.

The knitting, by the way, included something I made for Grandma; since she loves Herman the tarantula, I thought he could use a Santa hat. Here is Carlos, the reluctant model:
Since I don't expect it will stay on Herman, I added some strings, so it can be tied on.
I hope my aunt can get a picture of it on the recipient, but as long as Grandma likes it, that's what matters.

This time next week, I'll be in Florida. This week will go better if I could get some energy to prepare for the trip! I mean, my normal energy levels are not that high, but they look high lately. Oh please.

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Alice said...

Heeee! I love the Herman santa hat :)