Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Bad Start, but a Great Day

This morning, I was very cranky. At work, we're on an accelerated pace to get things done by the end of the year, which was just annoying me in the report I had, and then (guess what) I'm still not feeling 100%, and this congestion'n'exhaustion is just too much in the third week. Then, as I was emptying the dishwasher (while waiting for coffee brewing), I broke a bowl that I got in Hawaii and really like, and (though I think I'll be able to glue the pieces back on and still use it [though not for food]) I just wanted to cry.

But then, I got back to my computer after lunch and there was a message from my boss to the editors, calling for a quick meeting and asking me to call in. I didn't think much of it, just called in, and guess what?

She's leaving. She found another job.

She's leaving!

Suddenly, what a nice day it was.

I talked to the head guy this afternoon, the one who (re-)hired me; he wanted to check in with me that it isn't a position I want, which heaven knows it is not (as I had expressed to him in the past). Managing people, hiring, firing, dealing with problems, no thank you. It was nice of him to check back with me, but it could pay double my salary and I still don't want it. We'll see if the next guy along wants it, but not me.

She's leaving! I won't have to deal with her anymore! Well, after some time in January.

It certainly put a rosy glow on the afternoon, and even better, I got a message from a friend this afternoon that she got a new job she was very excited for, so I'm happy for her, and looking forward to hearing the details.

After work, I went out and finished off all my remaining errands before Christmas--not all Christmas shopping, but things like picking up a prescription, getting cat food, all very exciting (not) but very necessary and so good to cross them all off the list! I even, after I got home, finished the toe of the sock that I finished knitting before my haircut yesterday, so that's all set (I already started the next one for traveling, but it satisfies me to finish this before I leave).

Now I can focus on packing; I have tomorrow night, Friday night (though I will be seeing a friend that night, too), and Saturday up until the late afternoon, when I'm heading into Boston to join friends and go to a college hockey game, of all things. It should be good fun.

And then, Sunday morning? Head to the airport, and travel warm-ward. Ahh.

A very good day, indeed.


goosefairy said...

I am so pleased for you! I know how irritating co-workers can just get on your last nerve. I have one at work that I've dealt with for 15 years and he is just getting worse. He's *extremely* loud, opinionated, an "expert" on everything and has no idea just how insulting some of his comments are. Ah well. Two more years and I'm out of here!

Leslie said...

What a lovely announcement to hear!

While it's lovely you were asked if you would like the position, I'm happy to hear you refused. Can you imagine getting in the car every darn day to go to the office? Let's face it, you have the best of both worlds now, a job and the luxury of doing it from home. I'm sure Carlos approves your decision.