Thursday, July 31, 2014

Work Minutiae

‚ÄčI can't believe that July is over. Where did it go?

Got through the funeral and all for my friend's father; fine, just tiring and sad. You know. As it is. Must go to bed early tonight. But a few words, first, relative to work, and how the new job is an improvement over the old.

We're still settling into the new space, with some time pressure since next week there is a company "summit" with people from the parent company in California coming out for a meet-and-greet, company exchange sort of thing. A drink-the-kool-aid meeting, if you will, but it does mean that we won't be getting much work done next week, and also it would be nice if there weren't boxes everywhere. (They ordered t-shirts for it, and they're actually quite nice-looking!)

So I brought in a bunch of things to decorate my cube walls with this week, and was interested to see the reactions of my still-fairly-new coworkers. Two different people looked at the photo of my parents and said I look like my mother, which is interesting to me as I don't think I do, all that much. Maybe more than dad, other than the eyes?

More tellingly, the "Stop clubbing, baby seals" sign was very well received; take that, clueless former boss. Having people appreciate the editorial jokes makes me happy.

In a sign that people are starting to get to know me, two people noticed I got my hair cut this week. It's just the usual trim, not a big change.

I was talking with one person, who is my neighbor over the cube-wall, about plants, and plant stands, and in the end we went off to Lowe's after work tonight. I wanted a stand for Seymour, and she got one for her plant, and another couple of plants, and I got a little lamp for more friendly light than the florescent overhead.

Finally, at my last job, I brought in a flash drive because the scanner couldn't send documents, so the drive was the only way to get a scan. At this job, in the old location, we could scan-and-email, but it isn't working right in the new location. They're planning to fix it, but today someone came around handing out flash drives to everyone for interim use.

They have the company logo on them.


Blogger Leslie said...

Hot darn -- you mean you found a place that might work? Let it be so!

p.s. I love the fact that the non-robot verification system has been broken on your and some other blogger sites for about a week. When I get to that part of the post, I see an ad for a company named Photo Sphere. The ad never changes. I wonder if other people have a different company's ad but so far it's all Photo Sphere all the time.

9:09 AM, August 01, 2014  
Blogger Kate P said...

Night and day with this new job, huh? Wow.

(Leslie, I can see the word verification. I have ad-blocker on my Firefox so maybe that explains it?)

11:49 AM, August 01, 2014  

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