Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Knit, if not knitting

I was going to go to my alternate knitting group tonight, but the cramps, though not debilitating, were enough today to suggest that I would be better off on my own couch, where I could moan occasionally without freaking anyone out. So I went straight home after work, and actually they haven't been bad. I guess that's still a win, if not for my knitting. I did pull my project out, but quickly got frustrated, and decided to put it aside for a more patient moment. (Free pattern or no, if *I* can tell you have math problems, you really have math problems. FYI, 48 - 4 ≠ 42. And that was after 56 - 6 ≠ 48. Ugh.) So let's talk about something more pleasant.

Last week I mentioned a sock wearing out, and I've probably mentioned here before that I subscribe to the Yarn Harlot's method of sock darning (hold the sock over a trash can, say darn, and drop it in), but I actually have a few worn socks tucked away waiting for me to figure out reuses. Like a coffee cup cozy, or something. Anyway, I have figured out two uses so far, so I thought I'd share. I'm very open to more ideas!

The first came to mind when I wanted a bit of protection for the little tablet in my purse. I ordered a case for it but got the wrong model, looked in stores and couldn't find many, and didn't like any of them, and they're not cheap (that's like a trifecta of fail), so I looked around online. In the virtual world there are millions of options, which is overwhelming, and I went from Amazon (too many!) to Etsy (still so many! hey, some are knit, I could...) to Ravelry. Then, light bulb:
I'd still like a stand, I think (maybe like this one, good for a hockey fan; heck, I have pucks lying around, if I could figure out how to cut one, I could make my own)(ha, as if), but for now, it cuts down the damage and the worry about damage. Good enough for these scattered days.

Another idea came to me last night, when I pulled out a pint of ice cream, which I usually hold with a potholder to keep my warm hand from causing premature meltage. Ta-da:
So, what are your ideas?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Oooh. What's the math-impaired pattern?

11:37 PM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

Before I got a good case for it, I kept my cell phone in an accidentally felted sock. Did you know you can felt some socks just in the dryer? There are some artsy-fartsy type of sock yarns you can wash but are supposed to dry flat I've found (to my dismay). Just wash those suckers then throw in with the rest of the clothing for an instant felt job.

I've also used the legs for extension cuffs under sweaters and darned if cut open feet don't make good coasters.

I sure hope you didn't pay for that pattern!

5:39 PM, July 24, 2014  

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