Sunday, July 20, 2014

Of Cats and Yarn, Mostly

Last night I was sitting on the couch with Carlos, and Belmont joined us. When I went to get up a while later (to ride the exercise bike, aren't you proud of me?), I thought Belmont would get up with me, but she didn't, allowing me to capture the moment.

How about that, eh? The progress is slow, but it's coming along.

When she's not out among us, she spending less time in the closet, as some of her naps happen here instead.
 One way or the other.
Little doofus.

Yesterday she was in the window when his lordship came along to investigate.
 Blurry shot, but I got the moment:
 And then as he walked away, her moment of "Wait, what was that?"
And then she hissed. But as you can see, she didn't stay upset for long.
"Life is short, I am cute."
So that's the cats, doing pretty well. Belmont doesn't get shut in the office at night, and other than a brief visit to the bed and subsequent hiss at Carlos one night, it has been fine. Slow progress is still progress.

In yarn news, more has come into the house, but since:
a) most of it was free
b) the rest was bargain-priced, and
c) it's two months since I bought any,
I think I should be bragging, not apologizing.

Friday after work, I went to a local bargain store to see if they had any left of something from their weekly ad. They did not, but they had quite a lot of yarn, and I bought some.

This isn't for me; I'm sending it to my friend after she moves.
She's crafty and has three daughters; something fun will come out of it.

This, now, this is for me, I don't know for what yet:
So soft...

And this:
This goes with something I started a few years back that wasn't working out.
The scarf is knit from two skeins so that the colors will stripe. This worked out better at first
than it did later. Which is why I stopped.
So I frogged it yesterday. With the new colors added into the equation, something better will come of it.

Today, I brought in the yarn my moving friend gave to me, which has been in the car for two weeks. This is in addition to the pile of books (remember I showed you?), and the huge box of magazines (still in the car). Presort:
And sorted:
I took out the ones I want to keep, and will see if anyone in my knitting group wants some yarn. Otherwise, I'll pass it on to a local senior center or somewhere that can use it. It's mostly acrylic, Red Heart and the like, though there's some cotton and some mystery as well. And some crochet thread:
If I knew what to use it for, I'd at least keep the front left one, I like the colors.
But I think tatting isn't in my immediate future.

So what am I keeping? Well, some Christmas colors:
A potential baby blanket:
Catnip mouse material:
And I have a secret project in mind that can use the white.
And a little black, of which I may have tucked away somewhere already, but why not just keep this?
Then there's some blue cotton:
And a soft blue skein that likes me.
That's all. How was your weekend, in yarn, cats, or otherwise?


Blogger Kate P said...

I had a weekend of 6 A.M. bedroom-is-cat's-jungle-gym fun. :)

You might always hear a little hissing--the cats at my parents' house have been together over ten years and still hiss sometimes. Like siblings who stick their tongues out at each other. But that is way too cute how Belmont crams herself into napping places. They always want to be warm even when it's hot out.

4:39 PM, July 21, 2014  

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