Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Here I Am

Oh, hi there! How have you been?

Yeah. Headache.

My weekend was largely if not completely headache-unimpaired. I actually woke up Saturday with a mild headache, but I treated it and went back to bed for a while, then took it easy all morning, after which I was pleased that it went away (other times I have followed the same program and had the opposite result; you never know). I spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday being that good combination of productive and relaxed; I got a lot done around the house (which sorely needed it) without feeling too put-upon.

Unfortunately, Sunday evening the head started bothering me again. I tried to help it by eating a good dinner and not pushing too hard, but I woke up with it worse, enough that I ended up not going in to work at the usual time, but going back to bed instead. The same old tidal headache: better, worse, better, worse. When it got better enough that I was able to shower and then eat lunch, I went in for a half day, anyway, though I wouldn't say I was my usual self. Stupid things. And while I was feeling pretty good at 5, I had decided I'd better take it easy, pass on stitch and bitch, and head home. Which, it turned out, was a good plan, since it got worse again, and I ended up going to bed shortly after 8.

This morning it wasn't too bad, and I was able to go in to work and even get things done. Also, we went down to the new office space to peek in at the progress, since they're putting the cubes up. It seems like there are ceiling vents everywhere, so it's hard to say if it will in fact be blowing on me. At least the cube walls are tall, thankfully, which may deflect some breezes*, and would surely help if I do need that tarp (kidding/not kidding).
*As well as sound, hopefully

Funny thing: part of my cube wall is a window! I haven't had that before, in all my many and varied experiences of cubicles, and I think it's going to make me feel like someone is standing behind me and watching me all the time. The other editor suggested I put up a curtain, and I may just, or at least put up pictures over it or something. The view of bookcases isn't enough to overcome the who's-behind-me feeling. But we'll see how it actually feels next week. Maybe I'll go with something like this:

Two-sided, of course, for the mutual enjoyment of me and passers-by.

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better if not perfectly normal (or as close to that as I ever get!), so I'm going to hang out on the couch with a cat or two, knitting. Peace, out.


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