Thursday, July 17, 2014

Of Cold, Fresh, and Time Passing

I'm at a loss to explain how, during my first month at work, I wasn't ever really cold (just sometimes chilly), but in the last few weeks, I've been cold, really cold, quite often. I'm right under a vent, it's true, but I was then as well, so why didn't it bother me? Was I really so wound up that my temperature was higher than usual?

I mentioned to the office coordinator today that if I'm under a vent in the new office, I may get a tarp to put over the top of the cube walls, to deflect the breeze. The other editor said that if mine was and hers wasn't, we could switch; good to have an alternative in mind. They're setting up the office space now, so I should know soon.

I was looking for details of something that happened at a conference in Geneva last December, and in the conference notes I came across this gem:
"Climate: The weather in Geneva in December is fresh with an average daytime temperature of 2-3°C."
FRESH? Is that the word you would use? That's the upper 30s in Fahrenheit; I'd use "brisk" as the absolute nicest word I could come up with. Brrr. Even reading that when it's 80 out made me shiver.

I had A Moment today when I realized that I depart on my trip six weeks from today. Have I mentioned the trip yet? Yeah, that's how much planning I've done. (I did mention it very much in passing, a month ago.) The last two months have just been so ... brain-filling for me, I have very little bandwidth to spare for things like "what do you want to do on that trip you're taking?"

So, yes, my mother and I are invading my brother, in San Francisco, to celebrate his upcoming Big Birthday. Happily, my new boss was okay with my taking a few days off around Labor Day weekend, so we're* flying out on Thursday and back on Tuesday, a whirlwind visit to SF.
*I say "we" because my mother is flying from Florida to here, and then we fly there together. Fun to have company on the plane!

So I do have my plane tickets, as does my mother, and we have a hotel room near where my brother lives, meaning the basics are really set. And my brother is an awesome person to visit, not just because I love him and he's the nicest person I know, but because he's an awesome host who Finds Things and Suggests Things and Is Open to Things. Still, I should, you know, think about the trip sometime.

Weekend. It's almost the weekend.


Blogger prinny said...

LOL - your comment on Geneva and the temperature made me laugh. I live in Zurich, which is not that far, and I have to agree with the text. Anything between 0-5 C in the winter is "fresh". Anything up to -10 is cold, and anything after is freezing.
And yes, we get it all ;-)

7:05 AM, July 21, 2014  

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