Tuesday, July 15, 2014

If Only

If only she would stop hissing at Carlos...

Is it so much to ask?

I was getting ready for work this morning, and Belmont came out and started yelling. She had food and water, the litter box was cleaned, she just wanted attention, and time is something I didn't have for her just then. That got me thinking about the current cat situation (spoiler: no new decisions have been made).​ I was trying to figure out why, despite the relative peace they have achieved, I don't feel completely sure about the situation.​

Before I brought Belmont home, I had a cat who frequently wanted my time and attention, and was often jealous of time I spent doing other things.

With Belmont, I now have two cats ​who frequently want my time and attention, and are often jealous of time I spend doing other things.​
​ Which actually isn't the main problem, since I would be pretty happy to have two cats wanting to curl up on the couch with me and be petted; the main problem is that because cat number two can't coexist for very long near cat number one, I have​
​ twice as many demands on my time, and no more time than I had before.

Tonight she jumped up on the couch with us, and she didn't hiss until he jumped down and headed for the food bowl. And all she did was jump down herself and hiss at him as she walked past him to "safety". It is progress. But I am tired of the hissing. We need some kitty prozac over here. Perhaps I'll try the calming plug-ins on them.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

The plug-ins might help! I'd also start not catering to Miss Belmont's demands for attention away from Carlos; maybe that would get her to get over herself already?

7:35 PM, July 15, 2014  
Blogger prinny said...

I think what you need to remember, is that they are both older cats, so it will take them a lot longer to adapt.
I have two seniors myself, and while they have been super flexible with change when they were younger (I moved a lot, also to different countries, a lot of travel with them due to that etc), I notice that lately, they are taking more time to adjust and sometimes are just "not as flexible". They kind of remind me of my grandma ;-)
Try to be patient a little longer!

5:45 AM, July 16, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

She's a spayed female. She is always going to hiss at Carlos. She may wait until he's leaving her vicinity to hiss just to remind him that she can. Since Carlos doesn't seem frightened by her, nor she of him, I'd just ignore it or speak sharply to her. The plug-ins may help and you may want to start insisting that cuddle time is family time,

5:51 PM, July 16, 2014  

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