Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday in Pictures, Mostly

By the way, can you believe it's July? Me neither.

So, can you guess where I went today, before the grocery store? (And if you knew I went to the grocery store, how did you know my milk was going bad?)

Here's a hint:
I know, hockey in July? Well, the Bruins have development camp for the up-and-coming kids, and I dropped in and spent half an hour surrounded by many other fans, smiling at the ice, before the goose bumps drove me back out into the wonderful 90+ world (I'm guessing it was about 60 inside Ristuccia; why is it always freezing in there?).

Do you see the new item on the wall since my last visit?
It was fun to be there.

Here are some other pictures I've taken lately. Like last weekend, when I was walking home and wondering why I didn't feel obliged to take pictures of the pretty flowers I saw, when I looked up and saw this guy:
Isn't he cute? He was just sitting on someone's driveway, frozen, apparently thinking he was camouflaged.

I was behind this car recently. Did you know this kind of plate was a thing?
I never saw one before. On the other hand, this next car reminds me of my first car, a '69 Caddy convertible. This one isn't an exact match, but it's the right era, and it was in amazing condition.
Meanwhile, in my actual current car, we hit a milestone yesterday (the only thing you want to hit in a car).
Six years and two months, in case you've lost track.

Tangentially related to cars, I went online recently to update the maps in my GPS. I was disconcerted to get this message first:
I can't help feeling that if the device does not have enough space, and has "unnecessary files" taking up space, that isn't my problem. The next message made me smile, though.
I would have been surprised if there was room for the entirety of the US and Canada on that little machine. Anyway, it turned out to need a software update, then was happy to download new maps. It took a while, though.
How many hours?

Finally, how could I end without sharing pictures of his lordship?

You need a quieter camera. I was sleepin'.

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