Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quick (and Funny) Hockey Story

Yes the job is still good, yes I'm still tired*, yes the Bruins play tonight and if they win, well, let's hope they win, I'm ready to pass on a game seven for once.

*It's an adjustment, having work to do all day.

In the meantime! Something funny to share from the hockey world. You know how that evangelist who claimed the Rapture would be last Saturday is now saying it will be in October? Well, a minor league team, the Las Vegas Wranglers, has a game that night, so they're having a promotion for it, and calling it Rapture Night.

Best line ever:
"This is a low-risk proposition," said Wranglers president and COO Billy Johnson. "If it doesn't go as planned, it's not the end of the world."
I will be laughing all night about that.

Go Bruins!


Mom IsAmagpie said...

So happy the job is still going well. Mr. Bunny is watching the game very intently tonight he shares your opinion of game seven. The funniest part is that Thing 3 is going to be MAD she has turned into a hardcore Hockey fan.

goosefairy said...

That's a great comment. I wonder how long the rapture guy can keep stringing his people along before they all revolt?

BTW, I just started knitting the hub's sock in the skyp sock pattern! Since I'm doing a 2" (yikes) 1x1 rib cuff it's taking a bit to get there.