Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Enough For You?

With reluctance, I have switched to an earlier bus. The one I was taking got me to work on time (though breathless and sweaty), but only just, and only if everything else went well. By taking an earlier bus, I arrive before time, in better shape mentally and physically, and if the bus is late or a train pulls out just as I get to the subway, I'm not screwed.

It all makes great sense, but the painful part is that the bus goes half an hour before the one I was taking. This is not a major bus line, and this is rush-hour frequency for it. I really only need another ten minutes for comfort, 15 would be fine, but 30, ow. Was it hard to get out of bed this morning!

Today I also learned to cut back on my lunchtime walking when it's over 80 degrees. I actually thought I had cut back, but by the time I got back to my desk I was seriously hot. I do love not being cold, don't get me wrong, but it was hard to settle back down to work.

The Flyers made it into the Stanley Cup Finals, which start Saturday. Along with other Bruins, Devils, and Canadiens fans, I will be rooting for Chicago. They did me the favor of sweeping the always-under-motivated Jumbo Joe and the Sharks out of the playoffs, here's hoping they can do it one more round. (Sorry, Kate. Your happiness in the outcome will be my only silver lining should it come to that.)

Let's call this "I Did Not Need To Know This."

Seriously. Want. But want to lose weight just a tiny bit more.


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