Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Though I'd always prefer to spend Mother's Day with my mother, it isn't always possible. Having brunch with the family friends who are my local family is always a pleasant choice! There was good company, good food, lovely flowers:

And I loved this card, front:

And inside:

It's too bad the weather was 50s and very windy, but you can't have everything (I guess). (Although a frost advisory for tonight seems particularly unnecessary.) But the rest of my day has been pleasant as well. Cat cuddle time, some reading, some TV (Bobby Orr Scores on NESN whiled away a nice hour), and some knitting.

I sat down in front of the computer to figure out Judy's Magic Cast-On, and after some arguing with that and with the pattern (memo to pattern writers: don't assume!), I got going on the next socks, which I'm calling Rainbow Sherbet:

Here's hoping I can get them done in less than nine months!

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