Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boston me encanta

Week two was another good one for walking around Boston, though it got me thinking about a couple of fliers on the office bulletin board.

On the left, encouragement to "start walking for 30 minutes today." In fact, with commute walking and lunch walking, I'm walking 60 minutes a day!

And on the right, "Your body has a story to tell. How well are you listening?" Well, in response to the first item, the second is, "It's saying ow, and it's tired." Cause, meet effect.

Still, I can't regret the lunchtime walking, which is voluntary and which I much enjoy in spite of soreness after. The weather's been good overall, and I get to see things like the back of this ice cream truck, a lovely tribute to Make Way For Ducklings:

At the time, I didn't even notice the plate, but it's a perfect touch.

Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang...

The buildings all upstanding, the tree leaning wildly away.

Endless juxtapositions of the Hancock building.

Neighbors but not twins.

Glimpse of a swan boat through the trees.

I ate lunch in the Public Garden one day this week. I'd been there a few minutes when I glanced to the right and saw this squirrel. He was oddly flat, and I wondered if he was all right. I was sure he hadn't been there when I sat down, though, so he couldn't be too hurt.

I watched him, and after a bit he moved forward, leapt lightly across the path, and as soon as he came to the grass, sank down again.

Perhaps he was practicing his undercover moves?

Shortly he bounced off in a more typical squirrel way.

This tree fascinated me.

Ah, a camperdown elm. Of course.

Now this is a rooftop garden.

I love the detail everywhere!

And the Hancock again. It's a handy landmark as I wander.

Finally, I may have posted this one before, but can it be seen too often? His mama and his grandmama think not.

Mum, this is kind of what he was doing today when we were on the phone. Asleep in the dive position.

He slept on my lap for an hour today. It was divine. May we all have such moments.


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