Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not Friday Yet? Really?

Boy, am I tired. It hasn't been bad as starting new jobs go, but it's still taking more energy than I have to get through this week. And tonight it isn't helping that someone has the random meows, and is wandering around meowing and meowing and meowing. Jeez. He's driven me to eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

So here's a reminder of a night when he wasn't driving me nuts. This is Carlos, lover of shoelaces.

It kind of peters out, but trust me, we pull this out almost every day.

Boston photos to come. Just not tonight. Here's to the coming Friday!



Blogger Kate P said...

Carlos is a pro at chasing that shoelace--and Miri cracked me up with her tentative stab at it.

I'll see you the dreaded "random meows" and raise you some really awful 3 a.m./4 a.m. pokings with claws that need to be trimmed. The piece de resistance this morning was, um, barftacular.

7:54 PM, May 21, 2010  

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