Monday, May 18, 2009

Reasons Why

There are a bunch of reasons why I didn't make it to my stitch and bitch group tonight.
  • Harold is far from being "over" my latest absence. Is he made of fur, or velcro? Furry velcro.
  • I needed to pick up a few groceries, and return and pick up at the libraries.
  • I had a dentist appointment at 6:40. Since we usually gather from 6ish to 8ish, that complicates making the meeting.
  • I strained my left thumb a few days ago, so I'm not doing much crafting at the moment. Which reminds me, I want to tell you about what I finished last week. Soon, soon.
  • I'm so, so tired. I hit the snooze button for almost an hour this morning, and while today wasn't a terrible day at work, it was the first day back after vacation, meaning it wasn't a lot of fun, either.
Reasons enough, do you think? I do. But I'll have to ask if anyone else thinks they'll be there next week: being Memorial Day, I don't know if everyone will have other plans.

I can just about taste that long weekend already. This afternoon around three, I commented to a coworker that it felt like today should have been over already.

He thought it should be Wednesday already. I guess I wasn't the only one having that day.


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