Monday, May 25, 2009

The end of the weekend

Overall, it's been a good weekend, though at this moment, I must say I'm a little saddened that the return of lovely-weather-open-windows season means the return of kids-yelling-outside-my-windows season, too. Always the bad with the good, right?

I do love a long weekend. Yesterday was like a second Saturday, to get things done and relax and not have that imminent back to work pressure that Sunday usually brings. I got a lot of things on my list done, but also read and watched TV and snuggled with my Harold, too. He even helped me make the bed: what a good cat!

Is that sarcasm?

The only bad part of yesterday was last night, when I saw an ad on a website that said, "Father's Day is June 21! What kind of Dad do you have?" I felt rather flattened; clearly, it isn't just Father's Day, but the whole season of it, that will suck this year.

I picked up one of my favorite books for distraction reading. Though Four Days' Wonder does begin with a death, Aunt Jane is quite a minor character, and by the time Jenny has absent-mindedly cleaned off the object that caused Aunt Jane's fatal head bump, dropped her stained handkerchief, realized she wasn't supposed to be in the house at all, and fled through the window, leaving interesting foot-prints in the flower-bed ... well, it isn't a depressing book at all.

Sometimes I like reading old books that are long out of print more than current ones. They almost feel more real. Though I love plenty of new books, there's something about a character marveling that 'such things still happen, in the thirties,' that tickles my fancy.

Plus, although of course old books have errors too, I can get discouraged by the carelessness that seems more prevalent in the current era. My absolute favorite current magazine has, I believe, cut back on proofreaders, and the results are sadly noticeable:

See that, halfway down on the right? Foound? This was in the starred, featured review at the front! And this one the much-reviled spell-check would catch!

Oh, ouch! Catch the placeholder, will you? Et tu, Publishers Weekly? Let me say, this was a bad week for you to send the renewal form. I understand that mistakes happen, but oh lord, will you spend some of my $250* on proofreading? Please?

*It's an indulgence. What can I say? I'm addicted.

Now it's time to get things ready for the week ahead. A short week, at least, though I doubt it will feel that way. Today was a lovely day, and it is too soon over.


Blogger Leslie said...

If "Publishers Weekly" makes you happy, spend it! We both know that life is too short to deny oneself everything!

You're a very fortunate woman to have a handsome man like Harold help you making the bed.

7:36 PM, May 25, 2009  

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