Friday, May 08, 2009

Good evening, or good morning

I don't usually post at this hour because I am usually fast asleep, but I went to bed way, way early Thursday night. Actually, I just went "to lie down for a little while" to try to get my headache to go away*, and mm-hmm, woke up at 1:11 AM.

*Which seems to have worked, for the moment anyway. Knock wood.

Not in a "I'm all wide awake and ready to face the day" way, but in a "I'm hungry and want to take my contact lenses out" way. Because my contact lenses, though they are marketed as continuous-wear models, kind of bond to my eyeballs if I sleep in them. I take them out every night, except in cases like these. So they are now out, and my eyeballs are sighing in relief, and I'm going to eat a little something and go back to sleep.

The cats are slightly freaked by my schedule change. They didn't mind my going to bed early, though I had to call Harold a few times before he believed I meant it and came to snuggle, but this business of lights on in the middle of the night? Somehow, though they can't read a clock, they know I shouldn't be wandering around turning lights on at this hour. Cats can be very hidebound.

Perhaps I will manage more coherency tomorrow night (technically, tonight: Friday). Though with Game 4 coming, who knows.


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