Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home, and what's next

I'm home.

Harold is terribly relieved. He was so happy to see me last night, Miri got caught up in the moment and seemed pleased, too. And he woke me many, many times overnight to say, "You're home! Pet me!" (I didn't really mind.) Earlier today, he napped on my lap, for two hours. (I didn't mind that, either.) He's so, so happy to have me back.

Not that you can tell here, but just the same, look, I think I figured out (by mistake, of course) how to make a movie on my (not at all new) camera!

And lest Miri's fans complain, she gets a moment in the sun too. Pretty cat.

Mum and I had a good visit. We got some things done that she would have been able to do alone, but that were easier with two, and we did some sitting on the lanai and eating out for the good of our souls. We talked, and we were quiet, and it was good.

Now I'm home, and have to get back to everyday living. Since Dad died, I feel like I've been living closer to "barely functional" than usual. I mean, I'm never the best at getting everything done on my list, being one who's more likely to pick up a book than clean the kitchen, but these days, I look at the kitchen and wonder who the slob is, and oh wait. That would be me. It doesn't seem very important, but I do have to take care of myself. There's room for some escapism, always, but there's also getting to it. And speaking of which, I should go put some laundry in. And put something together for dinner, or at least check the freezer.

P.S. I suppose I should mention that I'm okay, given the end to the Bruins' season. I'm disappointed, sure, but they blew that series early on, really. Overall, it wasn't as climactic as a 7th game overtime loss sounds. I sure wanted them to win, but yeah. The roller-coaster ride is over until the Fall.

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Blogger Leslie said...

At first I thought Miri's purr was a cricket or bunch of peepers!

Welcome home and to the land of the living. Take care of yourself.

7:25 PM, May 17, 2009  

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