Saturday, May 23, 2009

Brain Full: Random Photos

I've watched a lot of Doctor Who this weekend, and while it's been good and fun, my brain is a bit full. So look at the pictures!

Check out the green car I saw recently. Really that green!

Also, I kind of kinneared it, since it was behind me (I was stopped for a traffic light). I only had time for one shot; not bad!

House detail, noted while (again) stopped for a light.

Highway traffic was bad this week; I spent a lot of time on side roads, and thus a lot of time stopped at lights.

Pretty sunset sky.

And finally, let us take a lesson from the cats. When it is time to relax (and to a cat, when isn't it?), they do it right.

Enjoy the weekend, all. I am: I slept in, and will do so again tomorrow and the day after. I've done dishes, and vaccuumed, and put away my suitcase, but I've also watched all of Doctor Who, Season 4 (I did start last night). Whew! Now that's a day.

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