Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Photos for a Random Thursday

I don't think I can be anything approaching entertaining if I try to talk about the weather, which after a perfect summer day Monday, sunny, 80s, light breeze, perfect, has been 50 and raw and often raining ever since. I can't rattle off something light and funny about work, which has me going full-tilt. And don't even get me started about, well, even words fail me.

So I pulled up some photos from my recent trip. Let's see the random, shall we?

Look! I found a yarn store! (Well, my mother did. She's well trained.)

Some nature... Florida's vegetation is very different from Massachusetts.

I like this guy's sense of humor. I feel fairly safe in saying it was a guy who made a snow-blower into a mailbox. Do you think?

A Truly Nolen car! Not the best photo, but so cute.

What kind of wine did my mother buy while I was there? Well, obviously.

Pretty flowers; I'm such a sucker for pretty flowers.

Just perfick.


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