Saturday, May 09, 2009

Another disappointing hockey game

I really thought that the Bruins would be motivated last night, that they would come out strong and show Carolina the team they've been most of the season. Instead, they seem to have felt that playing well for part of the second period would be enough, and of course it was not. Give credit to the Hurricanes, they played well and didn't quit. But the Bruins didn't make it very hard for them for most of the game (hint, Bruins: the game is 60 minutes long).

I couldn't even watch all of the third period. I always, always watch it all, but I couldn't stand it. I couldn't leave the room, since Harold had me pinned, so I flipped channels, checking back to make sure I didn't miss a miraculous resurgence. (I didn't.)

The next game is Sunday night. If Carolina wins, they move on to the next round. If the Bruins pull themselves together, there will be a game Tuesday night.

If this is the way they're going to play, it will be over tomorrow.

I did finish a knitty thing yesterday, which was nice. Details when I get its photograph. I'm already working on the next knitty thing, which I will photo in progress at the same time. (I know, tease, tease.)

It sure is Short Attention Span Theater around here lately. My thoughts go bouncing from one thing to another, not settling. And off I go now, to get some things done before going off to frolic with friends. Have a good day!



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