Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday (trip minus 3)

Did you see me driving home tonight? I was the one with the windows and sunroof open to the 80-degree weather and the sunshine that were such an unexpected surprise today, belting out "Hey Ya" with OutKast, then crooning "Take me to the river" when that came up next.

The rest of the work week was much better than Tuesday; still busy, but not so obnoxious; and anyway, it's over, it's Friday night.

I have hopes that the Bruins will play well tonight, since although this isn't an elimination game it's all but. They'd better, anyway.

Tomorrow I'm going to walk around Arnold Arboretum with friends and sniff (and photograph) the lilacs. I love lilacs--and my friends.

So although I get sad at random things (thinking of how hard Father's Day will be; hearing a co-worker being short on the phone with her father, and wanting to shake her), life isn't all bad. For tonight, that's enough.


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