Thursday, October 16, 2008

Worth 18 Thousand Words (I hope)

Although my cold is better today than yesterday, which is a good thing, the funeral really took it out of me. Even a nap after I got home hasn't really cleared the decks. (Though it was a very nice nap. Pan helped.)

So would you mind looking at the pretty pictures today? And maybe I can manage more coherent words tomorrow.

As I mentioned, this is a really good year for foliage. The last couple of years, driving to NY meant a lot of green. This year? Yellow, orange, gold, red ... gorgeous! I smiled a lot.

I like the end of this marker: "...Cooperstown is well known for its historical and folk museums and its baseball hall of fame."

I mean, its baseball hall of fame? Isn't it the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Maybe I have that wrong, we all know I'm a hockey fan, but I didn't think the one in Cooperstown is one of many.

Whatever. Pretty tree.

Now, let's get serious with the festival. It is a craft festival, but that doesn't mean fiber, for the most part. But, there are two alpaca farms with booths (seeing the repeat crafters every year is one of my favorite parts of the festival). I haven't even photographed the yarn I bought, so that will have to wait, but I did want to show the fiber-lovers that they would not be lost.

Don't you just want to sink your hands in? All that's from one vendor. There was a booth with wool (alas, not soft; you know my methods, Watson), but with some cute display objects:

Is the sheep sweater or the sheep blanket cuter?

The other vendor doesn't just bring yarn and so on, they bring the alpacas themselves.

Note the fan in the background, so the little dears don't overheat. (Remember, alpaca is warm.)

This has to be my favorite way to display a hat ever.

Now, my absolute favorite thing at the fair is the Fire Department's french fries. And this year, I got photographic evidence of why they are so good.

His right hand puts a potato in the machine. His left hand pushes down on the lever. French fries come out the bottom.

They're fresh, is what I'm saying. We even had to wait a minute for the latest batch to come out. Mmm.

So there was yarn, there was food, it was beautiful.

I believe I did indicate my word skills aren't up to much today.

Just look at the pretty pictures.

Then ponder this:

And this:

And tell me we don't live in a funny world.

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