Monday, October 20, 2008

The Fibertarian Candidate Visits

If you are a reader of Franklin Habit's blog, you already know what I'm talking about. Skip the next paragraph. If not, here's the brief explanation:

Franklin is a gifted blogger, knitter, photographer, and artist. His first book, just out, is a collection of knitting cartoons, called It Itches. One of the recurring characters on his blog is Dolores, a foul-mouthed sheep who is, as it happens, running for president under the Fibertarian Party's flag. Of course, as with any serious presidential candidate, she is touring the country (details here, examples here), having her photo taken in places of varying significance.

I thought about where Dolores might enjoy going in this area, and decided that the cradle of liberty, Lexington, MA, would fit the bill nicely. We waited for photogenic weather (and my cold to diminish), and here's what we have:

Lexington is an attractive town, especially in the Fall.

But I digress.

While we looked around for the Minuteman, we noticed this odd monument nearby, and Dolores insisted on having her photo taken with it. (Something about the shape ... of course, I think it looks like a crayon, but somehow I doubt that's what she had in mind.)

I was a little concerned that she might jump the fence, but she didn't even try. (Perhaps a wee bit hung over?)

Then, the actual Minuteman:

Passing more autumnal vistas...

...we got another shot at a yarn store that Dolores claims was named for her.

It is rather descriptive.

Harold and Pan were pretty calm about having a sheep in the house.

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Blogger Kali said...

I wondered where Dolores's next stop was after her time in Vermont. While there, she cavorted with canines, made a sailor blush, and in general, made her presence known. When the photographer finishes sorting the G-rated images from the others (ahem), I am sure she will send her file on to the Fibertarian headquarters.

You're well! Cats look good! Fall remains spectacular and thanks to your images, we have proof!

I next come up for air November 3rd.

10:34 PM, October 20, 2008  
Blogger Leslie said...

I particularly liked the pointy fence post in Dolores' first shot and can imagine her using it as an enforcement tool. Poor Franklin! If she brings that home home he'll never be safe.

6:15 AM, October 21, 2008  

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