Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Forecast: continued mostly grumpy

Now, maybe it's the hormones?

For the last, what, month? I've been blaming the weather for my frequent and grumpy unhappiness. Now today's weather is decent, not fabulous but miles better than most of what we've had lately, so why am I still grumpy?

I know none of you charming people would be so rude as to tell me that I might feel better if I exercised, but in case you were thinking it, I shake my head at you. I have been exercising, consistently and increasingly (and it does nothing for my mood). I may be falling down on the Eat Less part of The Plan, but Exercise More I am doing. In fact, I'm doing more More, based on two "duh" moments I had last week.

I was a little discouraged that I wasn't feeling able to do more than 5 minutes on the bike at a time, still, after two-plus months, when I realized that I could probably manage the 5 minutes twice a day, instead of once. So, a week ago Sunday, I did, with no ill effects. Good!

Then, last Thursday morning, shortly after I woke up, I remembered that I hadn't biked the night before, and decided to try doing it that morning, though I had previously not done the bike in the morning. However, no problem, other than needing to do it with a little time in the schedule before showering (to allow the jelly-legs feeling to diminish). So, I have been doing this most days over the last week (in addition to continuing the twice-daily walks at work), and you know what? The biking, although still not easy, is not quite as obnoxious as it was before.

My first goal was this:

The goal I set was modest, since I don't want to set myself up to fail. I figured that once I get into the rhythm of it, I can up the numbers, but for now, I will try to do five minutes at a time*, at least three weekdays and once over the weekend. This doesn't mean that if I ride on Saturday, I won't ever ride on Sunday, just that if I can't face it, I won't. This week, for instance, I did Monday night, so when I was really tired last night, I didn't make myself. But I will tonight. I just know better than to set the goal of doing it every day. If I do, great, but if not, tomorrow is another day.

*And it's the longest five minutes imaginable. The first minute is fine, the second is okay, the third is not nice, the fourth and fifth never end, and then I stagger to the couch on jelly-legs and collapse. It takes at least ten minutes to want to walk ever again. I'm in such great shape!
I think it's time to up that! I mean, gracious, I can kind of walk around after biking now, and I'm serious that before, I could barely make it to the couch. So: out of a possible 14 bike sessions a week, my new goal is ten. Just looking at the last seven days, I've done 8, and that doesn't count tonight's*, so I think this is doable. The trick is to not feel put-upon, but gradually sneak it in on myself. If that makes any sense.

*And this with my period, thank you very much, would have been the perfect excuse but I still did well.

I am also going to try six minutes at a time, though I reserve the right to go back to five if six is too much.

And I'm trying to get back onto the Eat Less part, having sickened myself with how quickly those Jelly Bellys vanished, but I'm doing it gradually, very gradually. I'm still grumpy, remember? Hunger won't help that.

One thing that's made me laugh recently: this video*.

*And by the way, do NOT go to the web address on the screen when it starts up. Whew! I haven't closed a window that fast in I don't know how long. I don't know what the connection is between the graphically naked woman and this video, but I think I'd like to stay ignorant, you know. Ouch, my eyes.

The kid's joy, and laugh, are infectious, and I even love how much the dad is loving it. Laugh out loud.

But since I can't listen to it 24/7, it isn't the total cure.



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