Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Possibly I Have Gone Mad

Fair warning: so far, this incident does not have an ending. If that sort of story bothers you, you may wish to scroll down to the bottom, for More Sock. (It's bothering the heck out of me, but this is my life, no getting away from it.)

This weekend, I got lots of small things done from my to-do list, several of them for getting ready to go to the Post Office. I paid bills, filled out a rebate and a bank form, wrote several note cards, enveloped some clippings for my parents and a few things for my cousin. Sunday night, I put the resulting six smaller envelopes in the outside pocket of my purse, and put the purse and the two larger envelopes (which needed postage) in my work bag.

In my usual morning zombie mode, I had half-forgotten the plan to stop at the PO until, when looking right to see if it was safe to change lanes, I noticed envelope(s) sticking up out of my purse, and thus remembered to get off the highway at the right spot. I grabbed my purse and the two envelopes and went in. The windows were open, but no one was immediately visible at them, so I went and used the automated machine to get my postage. Then I reached to my purse for the envelopes to mail.

There was only one envelope there.

Not six. One.

I looked around, and didn't see them on the floor. I went back to the car and looked in my bag and around the seats. Nothing. I went back into the PO to make sure I hadn't missed them on the floor somehow, but nothing. Unless I dropped them (without noticing?) and someone picked them up and mailed them for me (unlikely, but not absolutely impossible), they weren't there. I went on to work, doomed to spend the day wondering if they were sitting on my kitchen floor or something. Maddening.

Even more maddening, though, was getting home after SnB and not finding them. I have looked All Over, went back out to the car and searched again, looked in the least likely places, and found zilch. Those five envelopes are nowhere.

Three notes. One bank form (not a life-or-death one, at least). And my annual auto tax. In limbo.

I know, know, that I put them in my purse. In fact, I was putting them in my purse as I finished them. I looked all over because I could have taken them out to check that they were all stamped and then, in an absentminded fit, put them down when I went on to the Next Thing. Are they in the fridge? With the bills yet to be paid? In the library book I was returning? But they are nowhere to be found.

And it's Driving Me Crazy. Pan had to talk me off the ledge last night, I was so upset. (He got more upset as I did, meowing until I pulled myself together and just held onto him for a while. We calmed down together.) I have absolutely no idea what happened to them, and I can hardly think about it without ranting.

Where did they go?


Sigh. At least the sock has overcome its little problem last night (what, me mis-read the pattern? nonsense ... rip) and is behaving nicely. So far, I'm enjoying the way the color is pooling, which I suppose is fortunate since pooling is one of those things that if it happens, there's no making it stop.

I find it funny how this yarn, which goes red-yellow-red-blue, is now doing stripes of red and stripes of blue-yellow. When I get a bit farther along the foot, I'll try it on for real, and see how it fits. I went to the lesser of two stitch counts, but I still worry that it's too big. If it is, frog and re-start!



Blogger amy said...

I once misplaced an envelope with about $70 cash. It was bills I'd cashed in for rolled coins, intended for little boy shoes. I was cleaning the bookshelf. I knew exactly where it was BEFORE I cleaned the bookshelf; after, no clue. I never did find it, and I suspect I must have recycled it. It still bugs me, several years later, and it's why I hate to straighten up and rearrange. Even if things are messy, my head has memorized where they are.

7:50 PM, March 04, 2008  
Blogger Kali said...

Not mad. Crazed, maybe. I am sure you looked in every place you could think of.


Look again.


Stop payments. Do over.

Arghh!! Been there. Done did it more than once. All those experiences did was give me more places to look. Yes, once it was on the second shelf of the frig.

Sock looks gorgeous!

11:25 PM, March 04, 2008  

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