Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Maggie Says Hi

We're here. We're doing okay. Maggie would like more treats now, please.
I've gone through a bottle of vanilla rum since all this started. Fortunately, we have a new bottle. (It's delicious in root beer.)
I have a little plant inside, being alive and all. Mmm, basil.
There is this Seussian thing blooming outside.
It's probably to blame for my recent increase in allergies, but at least it's gorgeous while it makes me sneeze.

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Leslie said...

Miss Maggie looks positively regal in that pose. I can almost see her eyebrow raised as she examines me with hauteur.

We've got daffodils starting and crocus peeping out. There are very small buds showing on the trees. I'm hopeful for Monday, when it's supposed to be 61 and not cloudy; perhaps I'll be able to sit in the park.