Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Playing Around

Now that I have a smart phone, I've been trying to use it enough to get used to it, so in addition to all the apps, I've put some games on, for navigation practice as much as anything. Though of course, I'm picking games that I enjoy playing.

Some of them are word-related (of course), and I've enjoyed Word Stacks, which is like a word search except the words pop up to the top when you find them, so not all the words are visible at the start. Each level has a theme of some sort, and sometimes the theme really strikes a chord.

Like this one:
Or this one:

And of course, this one!
Between levels, it often plays a little ad for other games, but that's not too annoying. Once in a while, the levels repeat, which is a little frustrating, but hey, it's free, how critical can I get?

Any games you particularly like?

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